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Stanford Learning Lab - January 2022 Newsletter

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Happy New Year from the Learning Lab Team!  As you contemplate what your New Year’s resolutions could be, we hope that you will consider developing a more introspective understanding of yourself in 2022, exploring your learning profile, productivity, habits (both good and bad), and new resources available throughout Stanford.

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Explore your learning profile in 2022 with the Stanford Learning Lab

One way to begin engaging in developing self-awareness is to take the LASSI Assessment.  This is an excellent tool to help you better understand the conditions that impact your learning, and our resources can connect you to services throughout the university. 

We also have a few more spots available to enroll in our unique, research-based  LLIT program. This quarter-long program, facilitated by one of our highly trained Learning Specialists, will assist you with developing metacognition specific to your learning and allow you to elevate your learning experiences at Stanford.

If our LLIT program is too much of a time commitment for you now, please know that you may also sign up for a  Drop-In Session with one of our Learning Specialists.  Whether you need to organize your time more effectively, learn about an app that can boost your productivity, or get strategies for test-taking, these sessions can be incredibly beneficial in fostering new ways of engaging with materials and learning.  

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Finally, our Affinity groups will begin meeting this month, so please make sure that you register.  Once you do so, we will provide more information about this month’s offerings.