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Stanford Learning Lab - February 2022 Newsletter

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Wow, it is February, and our team here at the Learning Lab continues to add new programs, all the while refreshing our wide range of offerings created to enhance Stanford students’ experience.  

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1. Our Executive Functioning Program will Expand in Spring Quarter

If you have ever wondered whether your struggles with time management, organization or planning were significant enough to ask for help, then you are reading this at the perfect moment!  Our Learning Specialists are pleased to offer a ten-week Executive Functioning Program designed to guide undergrad and grad students to understand your unique learning profiles, in addition to your strengths and weaknesses around the umbrella terminology of EF.  Students will be exposed to research-based techniques to plan more effectively, work with better efficiency, and develop sound and enduring habits using aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to achieve their goals.  There is limited space for this free program, as we will select only ten students.  To register, please read about the program and its requirements here.

2. Our LLIT Program will continue to be available to all Stanford students

LLIT (Learning Lab Ignition Term) is a quarter-long experience for undergrad and grad students to work 1:1 with a dedicated Learning Specialist.  In Winter Quarter 2022, we opened our real and virtual doors to all Stanford students and had a full cohort.  Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Work with the same Learning Specialist for all 4 private sessions
  • Set and meet customized, time-specific goals each quarter
  • Practice reflection and iteration that fuel measurable growth
  • Develop advanced strategies in partnership with staff who have  expertise in supporting students with and without learning differences

Quickly register here 

3. We’ve launched two unique Student Groups 

Our Learning Lab team offers a Prismatic Thinking Group for undergrads and grads who would like to join a friendly, facilitated conversation with peers about learning and learning differences at Stanford (diagnosis not required).  We also established ADHD Connections, which we are delighted to facilitate for students who identify with ADHD (diagnosis not required).  These groups offer a safe space to talk with other undergrads and grads.  Share your strategies or just listen and connect. 

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Also, due to popular demand, we are re-instituting our Power Hour.  Our popular facilitated group study or  “online study hall” offered will start  Sunday Feb. 6th and will end on March 16 from 7-8 pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday each week. These sessions are the perfect way to keep yourself accountable while working to stay productive.  Come meet our brand new facilitator Estelle, who is eager to help you meet your goals!

And finally, check out and subscribe to our YouTube Channel, which houses great information about learning strategies, apps and other assistive technology ideas that can help refine your study habits, and save you time and energy while planning and completing your assignments.

Oh, and stay tuned for the roll-out of our Podcast, which is still in the development stage. If you wish to share your unique experience as a Stanford student, we would love your ideas!  Please complete this survey, and we will be sure to let you know when we are ready to launch!