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LLIT Program

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Learning Lab Ignition Term

The Learning Lab Ignition Term or LLIT Program is a quarter-long experience that infuses individualized goal-setting and strategy-building to advance your academic acuity and self-awareness. You will be paired with a dedicated Learning Specialist with whom you will meet four times for 45 minutes during the quarter. 

You and your Learning Specialist will share a portfolio to compile your goals, strategies, tools, and next steps. If you like, you can use this shared document for additional project planning and accountability agreements. You can register for up to 3 quarters of LLIT; quarters do not need to be consecutive.

  1. When registering, please enter your academic goals for the quarter.  Goals can be general such as, “Strengthen my time management skills” or specific such as, “Develop a sustainable note-taking system that helps me prepare more thoroughly for exams” or “Finish writing the second chapter of my dissertation.”
  2. By the end of the second week of the quarter, you receive a welcome email from your Learning Specialist and book your appointments.  These are appointments to attend as you would a class.
  3. At the first meeting, you discuss your goals, strengths, and areas to strengthen. Together with your Learning Specialist, you create personalized strategies and commitments to move you closer to your goals. 
  4. Subsequent sessions help you expand your learning strategies and metacognitive mindset. The experience is iterative and customized so that you walk away with a set of strategies that are just right for you.

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