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EF Program

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The Executive Functioning or EF Program is a quarter-long experience that focuses on your executive functioning skills.  Plan, work, and build habits more efficiently through research-based techniques.

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Executive Functioning (EF) Program

Well-developed executive functioning skills are essential for students’ academic achievement.  Beginning in Winter Quarter 2022, Learning Lab Director Kathryn Payne-Gray and Dr. Mitch Dandignac will facilitate a ten-week Executive Functioning Program.  These sessions are designed to guide undergrad and grad students to understand their unique learning profiles, in addition to their strengths and weaknesses around the umbrella terminology of EF.  Students are exposed to research-based techniques to plan more effectively, work with better efficiency, and develop sound and enduring habits using aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to achieve their goals.  Please read about the program and its requirements by clicking the button below.  Please note that there is limited availability, so you may be asked to register for a future quarter if the program is currently filled.

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