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Student Groups

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Here you'll find ways to connect with other Stanford undergrads, grads, and doctoral students interested in growing through groups and partnerships. These are safe spaces for sharing and encouragement. 

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For all Stanford students

ADHD Connections

Share with other undergrads and grads who identify with ADHD (diagnosis not required). This is a facilitated group that provides a confidential space for discussing strategies and personal experiences.

For all Stanford students

Fail Better

In the words of Samuel Beckett, we’ll learn how to “fail better” by applying research-based strategies that increase self-compassion. This group provides a safe space for workshopping skillful responses to perfectionism, comparison, confusion, self-doubt, and other difficult feelings that can arise in academic contexts.

For Stanford Graduate Students

Revise & Resubmit (R&R)

Every scholar at some point is told to “revise and resubmit.” Writing a dissertation, thesis, or scholarly publication has its own unique mental and emotional challenges, but writing does not need to be a solo endeavor. Join Stanford graduate students to share writing strategies, receive support, and get words on the page.

For all Stanford students


New for 2023!  Take a break from your studies and join us for WanderChat.  Be partnered with one or two other people and rove anywhere you choose around campus to think and talk about your ways of learning.  Use optional discovery questions to spark the conversation and negotiate new pathways.