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Metacognitive Training

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Collaborate with an expert Learning Specialist to align your approaches to learning with your strengths and goals.

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What are the benefits of metacognitive training?

Metacognitive training is a deep dive into how you learn and work most effectively.  This programming is for undergrads, grad students, and doctoral students.  Through our LLIT and EF Programs, you will 

  • Define the conditions that allow you to deliver your best work
  • Disrupt behaviors that aren’t worth your time
  • Establish healthy habits to make generative learning more effortless
  • Find ways to balance your scholarly and professional pursuits with your well-being
  • Co-create original, customized approaches to learning and working that create lasting change

Is metacognitive training a good fit?

There are different forms of coaching available to students at Stanford, and we encourage you to utilize as many forms of support as you wish.  Our programming infuses self-assessments to pinpoint your academic strengths and areas to strengthen.  We celebrate your progress through a portfolio that captures your strategies and discoveries.  We use our backgrounds in learner variability to support a wide spectrum of scholarly and professional challenges. Through metacognitive training, you can establish a set of integrative practices that amplify your strengths and leverage your performance in any setting.

How long does metacognitive training last?

You can register for multiple quarters of LLIT in consultation with your Learning Specialist and one quarter of EF.  Please choose only one program per quarter.

At any stage of your learning journey, you can register for up to three drop-in sessions per quarter and connect with our resources and student groups to enhance your practices and make new connections.  You aren't required to register for LLIT or EF to take advantage of our other offerings.

LLIT Program

Become an expert on how you learn most effectively. Our foundational program uses goal-setting, accountability partnering, and creative iteration to strengthen your academic and professional performance.

EF Program

Work, learn, and build habits more efficiently through research-based techniques. The EF Program is a quarter-long immersion with a peer group into understanding and sharpening your executive functioning profile.

Drop-In Sessions

Bring a specific question or concern, request an overview of our offerings, or analyze your LASSI results in detail.  A Drop-In is a 45 minute session with a Learning Specialist.  Register for up to 3 sessions per quarter.