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LASSI Reflection Sheets

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Review our LASSI Reflection Sheets for each index to strengthen your academic skills.

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Reflection Sheet


The stress and worry associated with anxiety can feel uncomfortable as well as complicate an ability to focus. While everyone experiences stress from time to time, it is helpful to look at its root causes and have strategies and resources in place to manage it. 

Reflection Sheet


Attitude can affect how you perceive yourself, your goals, and your college education. It’s important to be aware of what affects your attitude and mindset and to determine what encourages positive thinking and decreases negative thinking.     

Reflection Sheet


A multitude of factors can impact your concentration.  Background sounds, interruptions, stress, lack of sleep, depression, and anxiety are some of the most common.

Reflection Sheet

Information Processing

Information is expressed and presented in a variety of ways, and every learning situation is different. Our information processing skills determine how we synthesize the information presented to us and make it meaningful for knowledge comprehension, retention, recall, application, and expansion.  

Reflection Sheet


Connecting with your sense of purpose can have a profound impact on the energy you bring to your work. Motivation affects your studies, work, and other daily activities.

Reflection Sheet

Selecting Main Ideas

The ability to select main ideas is an important skill for learning and synthesizing information in and out of the classroom. The main ideas in readings and lectures are not always explicitly stated; they might be implied. 

Reflection Sheet


Self-testing is a form of active learning and studying. The goal is to gauge your level of understanding and information retention. By using self-testing techniques, you can determine any gaps in knowledge and use information processing skills to maximize your comprehension, retention, and application of concepts and course material.   

Reflection Sheet

Test Strategies

Test strategies include your approaches to both test preparation and test taking. By actively engaging with academic content and cultivating awareness during exams, students can optimize test-taking skills. 

Reflection Sheet

Using Academic Resources

Stanford offers a variety of resources dedicated to your academic success, social connection, and well-being. The willingness to explore resources and ask for help will maximize your ability to learn and thrive.