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The lamps are different, 
but the light is the same. 

- Rumi

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The Stanford Learning Lab guides undergraduate and grad students to become more efficient learners, nurtures student and staff communities, and integrates the goals of Our Most Important Work and the IDEAL Initiative

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Our Mission

Prepare students to thrive now and into the future through services that identify their individual learning strengths, address their unique goals, and embrace their multiple identities as learners

Build communities among Stanford students and staff to meld our collective knowledge and foster belonging

Assemble a virtual library of learning strategies and tools that open doors for all learners and illuminate the hidden curriculum

Advise Stanford faculty on Universal Design for Learning applications that support all learners

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Meet our staff and find out how to connect with them. 

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Connect with our Learning Lab partners.

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What is Learner Variability?

On an individual scale, we start from the cognitive and social science premise that a multitude of factors influence learning. On a larger scale, learner variability refers to the ways in which the diversity of approaches to learning can create major hurdles and deliver tremendous benefits. 

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Language Matters

At the Learning Lab, we work with all Stanford students.  When discussing individual learner variability, we use each student’s preferred terms, embracing the stance that Elizabeth Ross takes.